Robert E. De Kinder, Jr., Engineering Physicist
Dr. Steven Sánchez--Ph.D -- LCPS(AS) [Collaborator]
Assoc. Superintendent -- Las Cruces Public Schools
"A STEM Films Digital Work Force -- 2010-2013"

Elementary School

Middle School

High School

Higher Education

"Hollywood" & New Mexico Digital Industry
Modeling best practices with educational technology
1) "Hollywood" fails our country's students by emphasizing Horror when it produces SciFi, Science, and/or Technology feature films, TV Series, and other products. 2) This presentation presents a project to develop Animation/Special Effects Teams at the Community College Level to aid in a Digital Media (DM) Workforce Development, and production capability in the Southern portion of New Mexico and elsewhere in the State from funds/grants from DM Industry/Educational Foundations. 3) This project covers a three year time frame, with initially three 5 person teams, plus an additional team the next two years for a total of 25 people the third year, with each -- a Team Leader and four DM Animators, all Teams working under an Executive Producer and associated Faculty members. 4) The ultimate GOAL is to produce several "positive" SciFi/Science/Technology feature-film/TV Series pilots (and Demo Reels for the Students) showing, in contrast to "Hollywood," that Technology is NOT destroying the world and Scientists are NOT Evil!!! 5) Also, Maya Interactive "Boot Camps" during the 3 Summers for Mid- thru High School students to eventually tell the STEM stories of the "Rio Grande Technology Corridor" are planned.
NETS for Students

NETS for Teachers

NETS for Administrators

This presentation addresses Creative Thinking, Technology Knowledge, Collaborative Teamwork, that cuts across all three sets of Standards: Students, Teachers, and Administrators, as well as other standards, such as Digital Citizenship at all levels, and development of Work Ethics and Responsibility. Plus the 12-18 yr. old "Boot Camps" adds "hands on" training.
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