Committee Chair: Ferdi Serim
Committee Co-Chair: Julia Parra
Committee Members: Jim Carlton,,
Holly Rae Bemis-Schurtz
Jamai Blivin
Pam Lloyd,
Janice Saxe,
Katrina Coker,
John Griffith,
Linda Thompson,
Trish Maguire,
Jason Wolfe,
Kurt Steinhaus,
Carl Bogardus,
Vernon Smith,
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NMSTE Policy Positions - Approved 10-26-2011.pdf

Get Ahead of the Curve: Tell Legislators Your Top Ten Actions to Advance Education in New Mexico!

In this time of shrinking budgets, we can only afford to focus on what matters most. Legislators can't know unless we speak up. We want to capture a broad vision of learning for all our students, so the focus needs to go beyond just "wires and boxes" to address all the needs our students and teachers face in the digital age, as it plays out here in New Mexico. This survey also appears on SurveyMonkey at:

Your Top Ten:

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Computational Science (AP) Information

a. Review ISTE Public Policy and Advocacy work

b. Review status of educational technology funding and policies in New Mexico and nationally

c. Represent NMSTE at education policy meetings, legislative hearings and other functions; work alongside government representatives, business leaders, and other stakeholders to develop public policies that affect the field of educational technology

d. Work directly with the New Mexico Council on Technology in Education on policy recommendations regarding trends and emerging technologies

e. Identify statewide professional development needs for integrating technology in education (e.g., support the RETA funding request to the New Mexico Legislature)

f. Recommend positions on specific topics or issues

g. Contribute to the NMSTE website, brochure, and Wiki